GeoArray Technologies is committed to support our customers by providing services of exceptional value through our highly skilled and dedicated employees, our leading edge microseismic monitoring technology, our ongoing research and development program, enhancing our clients’ ability to safely and effectively explore, develop and produce hydrocarbons.

Our solution provides oil field operators with real-time microseismic data processing which help them to better understand fracture extent and orientation, their properties and behavior, and to build real time geomecanical and fracture models, including:

  • Building stress field maps of in the reservoir and adjacent structures;
  • Identification of fracture length, height, azimuth and behavior during MHF;
  • Mapping of reservoir fault structure;
  • Real-time observation of spatial changes of fractures and their interaction with pre-existing natural fractures;
  • Mapping of well drainage zone and simulated reservoir volume (SRV);
  • Post fracturing observations.