GeoArray Technologies is an independent software company engaged in seismic services. The company is established by math scientists and skilled seismic experts in oil and gas industry with worldwide expertise to bring new seismic technologies on the worldwide service market. The basic product of our company is the 4D FracArray© microseismic monitoring technology.

Using the power of our proprietary  FracArray© technology we offer two options to our clients: Short-Term 4D microseismic monitoring solution (ST- FracArray), focused on fracture propagation monitoring during Multistage Hydraulic Fracturing (MHF), and Long-Term 4D microseismic monitoring solution (LT-FracArray) applied to monitor of a long-duration microseismic processes connected with waterflooding, estimation of drainage area, underground gas storage, etc.

Our FracArray© technology provides efficient solutions for:

The FracArray technology is based on: